What it is: Facilitation is a process designed to help guide individuals participating in a group discussion. Rather than have one side’s team member lead all participants, a neutral third party facilitates the discussion using skills honed in the “Formal Consensus Process.” The facilitator guides all participants in clarifying issues, focusing on the group’s collective mission while encouraging support and input by all members and promoting cooperative discussion and mutual agreement. Facilitated discussions are conducted in a non-threatening, non-adversarial manner where all participants share an equal voice in the outcome.

Often Used For: Board meetings; State, Township, and City-related matters; planning committees; school issues; corporate meetings, and retreats.


  • Fees begin at $150.00 per hour based on depth of service provided; paid by the parties or sponsor of the event
  • Organizational Contracts for extended, long-term services are also available
  • Please contact CRS at 231.941.5835 or send an e-mail to CRS at casemanager@CRSmediationTC.org