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Conflict Resolution Services

Welcome to Conflict Resolution Services.

CRS is committed to helping individuals and businesses resolve disputes in their lives through mediation.

During mediation, skilled volunteer mediators use communication tools and techniques to help parties find common ground. Once this common ground is reached, the mediator helps the parties draft a mutually-agreed-upon resolution that becomes legally binding mediation agreement.

We welcome cases from many different sources including the courts, organizations, and individuals. However, you do not need a referral to request services through CRS.

There are many benefits to CRS mediation over other forms of dispute resolution:

1. You decide.

You, and the other parties in the mediation, decide the outcome, not a third party (judge or arbitrator).

2. It’s inexpensive.

Typically, mediation at CRS costs less, in both time and money, than private mediation or going to court.

3. You will be heard.

The parties each get a chance to speak and be heard.

4. It’s creative.

You can find creative solutions that are often beyond the scope of what can be ordered by the court.

5. It rebuilds relationships.

The mediation process often rebuilds relationships to allow disputing parties to move forward working together.

CRS handles many types of disputes through mediation including:

  • Neighborhood Issues
    Barking dogs, yard maintenance, parking
  • Business/HR Disputes
    Termination, workplace conditions, relationships
  • Landlord/Tenant matters
    Living conditions, payments, upkeep
  • Small Claims
    Services rendered, small payment owed, contracts
  • General Civil Law Suits
    Breach of contract, large debts, negligence
  • Divorce and Domestic Issues
    Custody, Parenting Time, division of assets
  • Special Education Conflicts
    IEPs, behavioral issues, placement
  • Eldercare
    Guardianship, conservatorship, care needs
  • Real Estate/Property Conflicts
    Earnest money, non-disclosure, breach of contract
  • Agricultural Disputes
    Run off, rural development loans, certification
  • Behavioral Health 
    Community Mental Health (CMH), Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan (PIHP) services