What to expect at mediation

Mediation is a private, confidential process of guided converation. CRS mediators who guide you through the process are neutral and will not favor one side or the other. This is what will happen when you arrive:

  • The mediator(s) will introduce themselves and explain their role.
  • The mediator will explain the ground rules, the mediation process, and review the “Agreement to Mediate” form.
  • Each party will be given uninterrupted time to explain the matter being mediated and share their concerns.
  • The mediator will clarify the issues they hear from each party. They will then assist the participants to communicate with each another directly to work together to resolve the dispute. The mediator may ask to meet with each party separately if necessary.
  • When an agreement is reached, the terms of the agreement will be written down and signed by all parties. The signed agreement acts as a contract and can be enforced by the courts.

If you have a small claims case that has been referred to mediation, start the mediation case on the MI-Resolve system here: 

If you would like to request Mediation Services from CRS, please fill out the Request for Mediation Form below. You can also print the form (available as a Word doc or PDF) and mail the completed form with a check to:

Conflict Resolution Services
3143 Logan Valley Rd
Traverse City, MI 49684