About Us

At CRS, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality professional dispute resolution services. Whether it’s a simple matter or a complex multi-party issue, you can be assured that our team of mediators, arbitrators, facilitators, and trainers is qualified to deliver the expert services that you need.

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CRS requires all mediators to pass a certification program including: an intense State-approved, 40-hour mediation training; a minimum 10 hours of observation/co-mediation time; and regular participation at in-service training sessions to sharpen techniques. To remain accredited, a CRS mediator is periodically re-assessed to ascertain skills. Our Quality Assurance Committee works to ensure that all our mediators meet or exceed our criteria for ongoing service. Only mediators on the CRS roster have this intense training and certification.


CRS Facilitators are required to complete a 16-hour Facilitator Training program involving Formal Consensus Decision-making and Active Listening Skills.


CRS Arbitrators are required to complete a minimum Basic Arbitrator Training course. Most Arbitrators have also completed advanced, specialized training in one or more technical fields including: labor and employment law, commercial, construction, securities, and real estate.


CRS Trainers represent a wide range of professions. Many are certified as professional trainers; others are experts in particular fields – and they all share a common desire to educate and train the community in conflict resolution skills. We will match their expertise to your organization’s training needs.


“We resolved more in two hours than we did in the last three years — Thank you!”

“This service is needed in the community.”

“We were treated fairly and respectfully.”

“I came in thinking it wasn’t resolvable, but it turned out to be a good thing in the end.”

“I’ll be spreading the word that this is a terrific service.”

“CRS mediators work miracles!”