sillouette of disagreeing couple, issues could be resolved with divorce mediation

Domestic Relations Mediation:

  • divorce/property division

  • child custody

  • parenting time

  • guardianship

  • elder care

  • alimony

  • and more

Serving Antrim County, Benzie County, Grand Traverse County, Leelanau County, Missaukee County, and Wexford County.

Domestic relations mediation seeks to resolve domestic and family disputes. One of the most common domestic relations mediations is divorce mediation — property division, parenting time/custody or both.

One important distinction between mediation and court cases is that mediation lets the parties involved choose the outcome. An agreement is only reached if both parties agree. Often times this means individuals can be far more creative in their agreements than what a judge would decide.

Commonly, couples who are initially ordered to mediation by a judge for a divorce mediation or child custody mediation, return on their own when their situation changes and they seek modifications to their agreements years later.