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General Civil Mediation:

  • neighborhood
  • consumer/business
  • breach of contract
  • collections
  • real estate
  • landlord/tenant
  • eviction diversion
  • employee/employer relations
  • and more.

Serving Antrim County, Benzie County, Grand Traverse County, Leelanau County, Missaukee County, and Wexford County.

General civil mediation seeks to resolve a variety of disputes. Our general civil mediators are volunteers who have received a minimum of 40 hours of training specifically on civil mediation, as well as observation and co-mediation practice before mediating cases for Conflict Resolution Services.

General civil mediation provides a unique opportunity to have a say in how your dispute is resolved. Unlike going before a judge who determines the outcome, mediation is an opportunity for you to discuss options for resolution in a structured environment with the help of a state-trained mediator. Many cases resolved through mediation allow both parties to walk away pleased with the outcome instead of having a winning and losing party in a courtroom.

Mediation works. In fact, the Michigan Supreme Court recognizes its value and supports local mediation centers, like Conflict Resolution Services.

Ready to solve your civil dispute?

Interested in becoming a general civil mediator? Visit our training page to view upcoming general civil mediation training opportunities.